Nepalese Publication ‘The Rising Nepal’ Covers SIF Sabin Kathmandu Colloquium

On June 16, 2010, The Rising Nepal featured a story describing SIF Sabin’s sponsored colloquium, “Countdown to 2015 and Sustainable Immunization Financing: Role of Civil Society Organization” in Kathmandu, Nepal. SIF Senior Program Officer, Devendra Gnawali welcomed Sabin’s Executive Vice President, Ciro de Quadros, in joining him for this momentous, Asia-focused, SIF event. Also helping to organize this colloquium as co-sponsors were both the Rotary Club of Nepal North, and UNICEF Nepal.

Without question, nationalized immunization programs are the best and most cost-effective way to protect a nation’s children against preventable diseases; however, such programs will eventually lose their efficacy if they are not monitored, or sustained. Currently, most developing countries rely on funds given through third party donors, such as those received through the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI). Recognizing that such resources are finite, colloquium participants explored strategies for finding alternative ways to obtain these funds. Members of the private sector, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance were all invited to be a part of this collective discussion.

During the colloquium, UNICEF representative Purna Kumari Subedi stressed the importance of working on long-term goals, stating that the Nepalese government will need to implement such a policy in order for Nepal to meet its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs.). Executive VP of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, Ciro de Quadros, is quoted in The Rising Nepal article, saying “To take the full benefit of immunization, there is a need to improve and sustain existing routine immunization performance and evidence based introduction of new vaccines” in developing countries. He goes on to say that many of these vaccines still remain “…out of reach [of]children, who need them most.” Sponsoring events such as this colloquium, which promote collective dialog in how to address challenges unique to developing nations, is one of the many tools the SIF Sabin program uses to aid its focus countries reach sustainable immunization financing for vital-to-public-health immunization programs.

Representatives from USAID, GTZ, the DFID and FNCCI were also present for the June 16th colloquium; to read more about “Countdown to 2015 and Sustainable Immunization Financing: Role of Civil Society Organization” event in Kathmandu, Nepal, read The Rising Nepal article “Vaccine Most Effective to Prevent Polio, Measles.”


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