SIF-Sponsored Event Gains National News Coverage in Sri Lanka

A second news article covering the two-day SIF-sponsored July 15-16 event, the “Second Sub-regional Symposium for Parliamentarians on Sustainable Immunization Financing” from Sri Lanka’s ‘Daily News’ was published today, giving highlights of the event:

“…Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena said he is willing to make any sacrifice to obtain required funds for the health sector and to explain requirements to international organizations such as the WHO, UNICEF and SABIN to obtain the funds. According to Minister Sirisena Sri Lanka’s National Immunization Program is very effective and paid off well by recording the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates in the region.

Sri Lanka’s health indicators improved due to the success of the immunization program. Earlier there was only one Medical College in Sri Lanka and now there are seven.”

To learn more about the symposium and the initiatives Sri Lanka is taking to improve its public health program, please read the entire ‘Join Hands to Fight Dengue’ article by visiting the ‘Daily News’ online.


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